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Turret Coffee, The Hidden Gem Amidst the Fish

Taking advantage of the long 5 day weekend, I decided to make my way to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Let’s be honest, my friends and I were enjoying sleep too much to want to pull an all nighter to go see the auction (we’ll definitely make it there eventually, just not now). We went later in the day after we did some other sight seeing so by the time we made it to the fish market, everything was basically closing down except for the outer fish market where there are plenty of sushi restaurants. We browsed around, ate some sample sashimi, bought some salmon for dinner, and decided that we had seen enough of the fish market for today.

I had heard of Turret Coffee somewhere and knew that it was in Tsukiji so ventured out to go find it. Pretty soon we ran into a sign that led us to Turret Coffee. On a small side street around the corner from Starbucks, you would assume it would be hard to find and for them to get any business! Turret Coffee has a sign on the main street directing you to the cafe and another one in front of it so you can’t miss it.

The Interior

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The atmosphere of the cafe is so warm and welcoming as well as a little hipster! The owner and barista of the cafe, Kiyoshi Kawasaki is super friendly and easy to talk to. As you walk in, on your left you’ll find a little bar with 3 stools along the bar, on your right there is a huge rectangular seating area with a bamboo mat and 4 circular memory foam cushions. At first you may not realize it, but the rectangular seating area is actually the back part of a turret! Turrets are the trucks/machineries that the guys in the fish market drive around to deliver boxes of fish!I’m sure the pieces of puzzles are starting to come together but yes, the cafe is named after the truck the men in the market drive and there is a turret in the middle of the cafe!

Straight ahead is the counter where you order and Mr. Kawasaki makes your drinks. On the other side of the turret are 2 small tables with 2 chairs each. On the wall where the tables and the chairs are located is a chalk board with the beverage menu all in English! Even though the cafe itself is very small, Mr. Kawasaki has arranged the place in a way you can fit a lot of people comfortably, and also make the place look organized!



Yesterday when I went I tried the seasonal latte which was the Hawaiian Salted Coconut Latte Macchiato. I absolutely love coffee, and let’s just say I was not disappointed whatsoever. The latte was at a perfect temperature and it was DELICIOUS! It was the perfect combination of creamy, sweet, and aromatic. I love trying out new cafes, especially when they have fun flavors and Turret Coffee did not let me down!

My boyfriend got an iced seasonal latte and my friend got an iced salted caramel latte. They both thoroughly enjoyed their drinks, and because I always steal sips from everyone I can attest to the fact that the iced drinks were yummy too! The other seasonal drink was the red bean latte macchiato which is one I haven’t heard of anywhere else and would be fun to try!

With your beverage, Turret Coffee offers an assortment of little pastries including pound cakes and dorayaki. I always like trying fun flavors so I would recommend whatever the seasonal special is, but if you are the kind of person who likes to stick with regular coffee, my friend got an iced americano after his latte and that was amazing too! Whatever your preference may be, I can promise Turret Coffee will not disappoint! Also for those who want to take back a little souvenir, Turret Coffee has porcelain mugs and glass mugs for sale too!


So if you’re planning on going to Japan make sure you stop by Turret Coffee! Every guide book says Tsukiji Fish Market is a must do, so I know you’ll be there! It’s only a few blocks down from the market, so after you pull your all nighter to watch the fish auction, head down to Turret Coffee to get some caffeine in your system! Engage in a conversation with Mr. Kawasaki and I promise you’ll have an amazing start to your day!

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