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Bet You’ve Never Scaled a Tree Like This Before! – Tokyo’s Monolithic SkyTree

From all corners of Tokyo – and even beyond the local 23 wards, one can spot Tokyo SkyTree without enduring the consequence of eyestrain. A landmark broadcasting television and radio tower soaring 634m skyward, was built to completion on February 29, 2012 (yes, a leap year!). Tokyo SkyTree is breathtaking in sight, and from its observatory, the sights are breathtaking. It’s strategically placed near the Sumida River, with no skyscrapers immediately within the vicinity intruding on its territory. No Singapore or New York clutter here! Tokyo SkyTree has little to no place to hide, with no obstructions for the immense, spectacular views it offers. Well, maybe apart from the selfie fanatics

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There is something – Meiji Jingu

In the middle of Tokyo there’s a forest, where people go good naturally on a winters day to talk to gods and listen to them. Meiji Shrine in Shibuya-ku was constructed in honour of, and enshrines the souls of, two most beloved deities. The Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) was responsible for the re-opening of Japan following 200 years of isolationism, and gingerly manoeuvred its passage into the modern world. He introduced Western ‘civilisation’ whilst fastidiously preserving the identity and integrity of traditional Japanese culture. The Empress Shoken – the beloved mother of our nation – “assisted the Emperor behind the scenes during this eventful and difficult Meiji period” says the pamphlet.

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Who Says Art Is Better at Street Level? The Mori Art Museum Reaches New Heights

Tokyo is a good, old-fashioned city with one million faces: in this sense, it’s one of the best. Its 23 districts flaunt unabashedly unique characters, and the city as a whole unrelentingly inundates residents and guests with images. Everything from cats and cute boys to scenes of old Japan; modern kids pretending to be traditional, beguiling women and unhappy businessmen falling off platforms. It’ll leave you feeling bamboozled, and more than a little bit curious. What is this place, and what does it really look like anyway? Mori Tower, Roppongi Tokyo piques your senses, and evokes emotions that people may have never experienced in their lives. Downtown, you’ll spot people

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