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Does Airbnb Have a Future in Japan?

Airbnb’s move to enter the Japanese market was a bold one. While the country might be one the world’s most advanced cities with its incredible infrastructure and latest technology, it is also one of the most paradoxical. With everything that makes this country attractive for companies like Airbnb, there exists a stubborn bureaucratic mindset that has been doing all that it can to resist the urge to open up and internationalize. Couple that with a risk-averse culture, Airbnb’s movement to bring communities of strangers together under one roof has been slow to pick up in Japan. Although it continues to face obstacles, Airbnb sees a bright future for itself in

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Don’t be Silly, Airbnb Isn’t Only for Backpackers!

As a backpacker, when I look for places to stay at night, I usually just look for the cheapest option that doesn’t look absolutely awful. Because I’m usually traveling for a few months, I need to make sure I can stretch every dollar I have. The easiest way to stretch each dollar is saving on accommodation. When I’m traveling on a business trip this is a whole different situation. Although I want to save every penny I have, sleep and comfort is a lot more important during a business trip. I always choose to use Airbnb instead of a hotel for a number of reasons. Save money! First and foremost,

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Airbnb or Hotel? How to Get the Most Out of Tokyo

Your next vacation or business trip is fast approaching and you still haven’t figured out a place to stay. Quit procrastinating already and let me help you look at your options. So what’ll it be? Hotel? Resort? Hostel? Those crazy-looking capsule pods? There are plenty of options when traveling to Tokyo and depending on what your plans are, some may be better than others. You may have also heard about this new-ish service called Airbnb. It’s been around since 2008 but it’s starting to become extremely popular all across the world including Asia. What is Airbnb? First, let’s cover the basics. Airbnb is a service in which homeowners rent out a

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Need an Airbnb Rental? Just Be Careful of These Hosts

The internet has definitely spoiled us in recent years. Today for example, sites like Airbnb can offer guests superb service and a cost-effective alternative to expensive and at times, limited hotels. All it takes is, just a few clicks and you’re able to find cozy, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for your next vacation or business trip. Hosts around the globe rent single rooms, or sometimes even their entire home or apartment, for travelers passing through their city, all for a reasonable rate. Although the concept seems very beneficial to save money, there are risks involved and countless horror stories to prove it.   Therefore, use this guide to help you

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5 Vacation rental platforms in Japan

Vacation rentals are now almost the most popular way of traveling in the west especially in the Europe and America. However, it still remains a foreign and new service in Japan.  Therefore, Japan seems to have become the newest target of the market. The question we have is; Among many of the vacation rental platforms, what’s the difference in terms of the service in Japan ? Airbnb The hottest, and the biggest in Japan. It also has a full Japanese site with full support. With its large publicity, Airbnb has quickly gained popularity in Japan and thus, now the strongest competitor in the market. Presumably, what makes Japanese people feel

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Would You Like a More Homey Stay While Visiting Tokyo? 
These Are The 10 Best Choices According To Reviews !

As a traveler, perhaps you may have wondered about one thing regarding accommodation while scrolling through countless search results: “Which one of these is the best? How can I differentiate between them, and whittle it down to the favorable choices? Although there are many ways to measure whether a particular listing is good or unfavorable, reviews from other previous guests can indeed be highly beneficial. They are most unbiased, and can give you a clearer way to determine if the place suits your needs. This particular review system is how Airbnb removes people’s apprehension when staying at stranger’s home, or the fear of letting unknown guests stay in their own

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