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Master the City Tracks: Yamanote Line

Yamanote line infographics with recommended landmarks and sights to visit.  Being a Tokyo native, I often see foreign tourists helplessly gazing up at the tangled conundrum that is the Tokyo underground map tacked above the station ticket machines. Sure, even the most seasoned Tokyoite may have to look up the norikae (Train routes) on popular smartphone services like GooRosen or Jorudan, but there are a few train lines in Tokyo that are so central to people’s lives that most people can name at least a few of the important stations on the line. An example of such a line is the JR Yamanote line, or Yamanote-Sen. It is one of the

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How to Navigate Tokyo’s Train Lines

Tokyo’s train system is very complex with numerous lines owned by multiple companies. There are both trains and subways with sometimes multiple transfers just to get across town. Having said all this, the system may be crazy but it is a very strategically organized crazy. This article will help provide you with the general know-how on both being prepared for what to expect when you arrive and how to get help if you find yourself lost or stuck finding the right line to get on. Don’t be afraid to ask When you arrive at the airport, I recommend you visit the information desk. They most often speak English and can

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