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How To Sort Your Trash Like a Pro in Tokyo

Trash sorting can be a daunting task,whether you are at the convenience store, train station or a vacation rental. So many different containers…what to do? Categories and methods of sorting garbage vary from area to area, so be sure to get detailed instructions from your host. Some areas require you to purchase neighborhood-specific trash bags, while other places allow the use of any plastic bags. If special bags are required, you can usually purchase them at supermarkets, drugstores or convenience stores in that area. Different categories of trash are taken out on different days of the week, and certain categories may only be picked up a couple times a month.

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25 Things to 
Kick-Start Your Tokyo Trip

You’ve got your budget-busting airline tickets confirmed. Your passport is up to date, although the photo is still questionable. Thoughts about your job and boss, has wonderfully eroded as you envision time off from the daily grind. Luggage is neatly packed and waiting at the front door. But hold on, what about your itinerary once in Japan? Are you one of those who needs a day-by-day schedule, or would prefer to just ‘wing it‘ once you’re there? Whatever your preference is regarding what to do in Japan, where to go, what to see, and what to eat, it’s at least helpful to have some suggestions to smoothly get you out

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