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Cool Japanese Stationery for Back-to-School and Souvenirs

Japanese stationery is famous worldwide for a large variety and impressive innovative items. They keep reinventing stationery goods in order to make life a little easier and interesting. So when coming to Japan, please check them out! Japanese stationery are special due to their great quality, functionality, cuteness and uniqueness. Most of the stationery goods can be found at Ito-ya, Tokyu Hands, and Oriental Bazaar. Some cool back-to-school stationery: 1.Erasable Pen This pen is very useful, it uses a special ink that gets erased using the frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. It erases so well the paper looks like you have painted it white. Another special

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5 Unique Buys from Tokyu Hands That Will Up Your Souvenir Game

Ever heard of Tokyu Hands? Describing itself as the Japanese “one stop shop”, these megastores carry almost anything from kitchen appliances to DIY crafting supplies. Whether it be famous Tokyo districts like Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Ginza that you are exploring, make a stop at ‘Hands’ to pick up these creative Japanese souvenirs for friends and family–that is, if you can resist keeping them all for yourself!

Japan on a Budget: Here’s a Saving Grace for the Thrifty

Year after year, to the chagrin of many travellers, Japanese cities wind up on numerous lists of ‘most expensive cities in the world.’ This ultimately leaves them furrowing their brow over whether or not they can afford to visit the country. Fear not however – most of these lists typically pertain to taxes, living expenses, and other resources that compare to income. In regards to tourism and in this case – Japan, anyone can make their own budget and have a comfortable and fun stay without going overboard. Has your curiosity piqued yet? “An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure.” Moreover, you can bet your bottom dollar

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