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Can I Really Trust Airbnb in Japan?

Finding the right accommodation can sometimes be the biggest pain when planning your trip. We have all heard horror stories from friends and fellow nomads of hotels or hostels not being all they were cracked up to be. Hostel and hotel owners have gotten especially good with Photoshop and the art of deception. We want to be absolutely one hundred percent certain that the room we have booked is actually the room we get. And for many of us, it’s sometimes more than just about the room. Travelers want a convenient, safe location, with the proper amenities, and a good atmosphere among other criteria. As you search for that perfect

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Need an Airbnb Rental? Just Be Careful of These Hosts

The internet has definitely spoiled us in recent years. Today for example, sites like Airbnb can offer guests superb service and a cost-effective alternative to expensive and at times, limited hotels. All it takes is, just a few clicks and you’re able to find cozy, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for your next vacation or business trip. Hosts around the globe rent single rooms, or sometimes even their entire home or apartment, for travelers passing through their city, all for a reasonable rate. Although the concept seems very beneficial to save money, there are risks involved and countless horror stories to prove it.   Therefore, use this guide to help you

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