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Tokyo + Kids: A Better Mix Than You’d Think

Bringing kids with you to the City of the Future may seem like a burden or an ordeal; Tokyo may not even be a city that comes to your mind when you plan a family vacation.  What could there possibly be for kids to do, in a city of street drinking, traditional customs, and strange types of food that are sure to get picky eaters to turn their heads?  Actually, there’s plenty, from parks to amusements centers to learning facilities – in all seasons. In spring and summer, outdoor parks are the go-to place for many Tokyoites.  Be wary of parks after sundown – while most of Tokyo is the

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Taste History with a Modern Comfort: The Edo-Tokyo Museum

Easily accessible from many of Tokyo’s subway lines, the Edo-Tokyo Museum is a fantastic outing for people of all ages interested in Japanese history and culture. Built in 1993, this facility is one of Tokyo’s most well known museums and has entertained and educated guests from around the world for over twenty years. Located in Sumida, a ward within Tokyo, it is surrounded by many other superb attractions that make Japan famous; the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest freestanding tower in the world, ‘Ryogoku,’ Japan’s national Sumo stadium, Japan’s famous ‘Asahi’ Beer Breweries Headquarters and even Sumida Triphony Hall, the home of the New Japan Philharmonic. Ideal for a morning visit,

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Tokyo’s Cultural Constellation: An Art Gallery This High Up?

Forget words. When it comes to mediums for expression, Japan is ultimately more about aesthetics. Whilst this is played out spectacularly on the kabuki stage, there’s really no slicker way to explore Japanese culture than to head to Tokyo and dive head first into its art scene. It’s a lucid, throaty articulation of modern Japan, meal for the city’s creatively carnivorous residents; plus there’s something for everyone. It deals in the contemporary and traditional, the Japanese and foreign, and it’s spread out all across the city. So if you love art, getting acquainted with Tokyo’s art scene gives you the perfect angle to infiltrate Tokyo’s flawlessly designed, culturally packed landscape.

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