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Japan: A Journey Between Tradition and Modernity

I am sure most, or in fact, all of you have seen bits of Japan on the news, travel guides, or even a scene from a movie. News is a great way to learn the latest political activities, and travel guides are very informative as to various sight-seeing places and cultural activities. However, have you seen Japan without any “noise”? Voices from newsman explaining about situations in Japan and texts guiding you to exciting places in Tokyo are all great, but they are noises that make it impossible for you to see Japan solely for yourself before actually coming here. Watch this video and experience for your own self the

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25 Things to 
Kick-Start Your Tokyo Trip

You’ve got your budget-busting airline tickets confirmed. Your passport is up to date, although the photo is still questionable. Thoughts about your job and boss, has wonderfully eroded as you envision time off from the daily grind. Luggage is neatly packed and waiting at the front door. But hold on, what about your itinerary once in Japan? Are you one of those who needs a day-by-day schedule, or would prefer to just ‘wing it‘ once you’re there? Whatever your preference is regarding what to do in Japan, where to go, what to see, and what to eat, it’s at least helpful to have some suggestions to smoothly get you out

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Pocket Wifi in Japan – How it Works

Wifi availability is now an essential part of traveling overseas. You want to share your memories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as well as responding to emergency emails and such. Unfortunately, there are not so many public wifi service in Japan. Although its number is increasing, we recommend using a rental wifi router to connect to the internet. Less than 10 days of stay provides you with a pocket wifi router for less than ¥500 per day, and they will also deliver it to you within a day.Upon returning, only thing you need to do is to stop by the nearest convenience store and send it back to the

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4 Articles to Read Before You Go to Japan

Checklist for traveling: Passport validity – checked! Flight ticket for Tokyo – checked! Confirmed reservation of a little apartment located in the heart of Tokyo – … Wait, you have not booked your place yet?! Well, I bet this article would be interesting for you: Top 5 Airbnb places where you can feel like a local in Tokyo You said you would like to find your way around by yourself? You can’t go wrong with our 10 Japanese Phrases You Can Use to Ask For Directions. Settled down and already living the high life like a local, though you are but a tourist who only got here yesterday? Well, this may

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Cozy, Friendly, Peaceful and Inviting. These Rentals Won’t Disappoint!

Not into hotels with boring, lifeless hallways and run-of-the-mill rooms? How about listening to heavy elevator doors open and shut all night? Losing sleep because the guests upstairs don’t know how to walk quietly in their high-heels? Tired of waiting in line at the check-in counter when suffering from jet lag? We’ve all been there and it can indeed put a damper on your visit when dealing with such annoyances. What about if you instead stayed at a lovely, cozy private property with personalized service with a real homey, peaceful atmosphere? This wonderful alternative has become extremely popular for visitors to Tokyo. Just to experience a more local vibe per

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7 Music Festivals in Japan You Don’t Want to Miss

All across Japan, usually during the warmer seasons, there are dozens of music festivals.  Music festivals in Japan carry the same connotation as they do in the west: they are relaxed, filled with people soaking up the sun and the tunes, and have an energy and vibe that is unmatched.  The culture is quite different, and the people tend to be much more open than they are in other venues.  They range from the very popular to the underground.  There’s a music festival for any genre of music that may be your preference; it’s all about deciding which one is right for you. ♫              Birth Music Festival tends to be one

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How to Rent a Car in Japan

Legs getting a little tired of walking all day? You love the city, but are you dying to venture out and explore the countryside? Perhaps you want to even travel to the other side of the island in personal comfort? You know the transit system is efficient, but you’re not in the mood to deal with stations, fares, signs, and transfers. I’m sure you already know what the obvious alternative is, right? Of course, rent a car! Even if you’re only in Japan for a week, you never know where a situation may arise when you find yourself needing your own personal four-wheel ride. Whether you’re visiting a distant mountain,

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Top 4 Choices for Best WiFi
 in Japan

You’ve just touched down. Immigration and luggage pick-up was a breeze, and the taxi ride is going smoothly. You’re overwhelmed with glee marveling at the unbelievable array of new cool amenities, restaurants, bars, lights, sights and sounds, which envelope you right from the airport. You’ve just got to share with these visual treats with friends and family back home. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are pleading with you to upload photos and send text messages. You’re just dying to click, tap and swipe a device like a rabid surfer. But, you stop in your tracks with a jolt in pulse rate, thinking: “Wait a minute! How do I do

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