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Koyo in Japan: Changing Colors of Autumn Foliage

The summer is over and we can finally get away from Japan’s humidity! In the fall, there are a lot of places to see the “Koyo” in Japan. “Koyo” means the changing of the autumn colors. It is one of the most beautiful things to enjoy in this season. You might think that looking at leaves/trees all day sounds boring BUT, its beautiful and romantic! Picture yourself under the Koyo asking someone who you REALLY like out under  these beautiful trees. Its a memory you and that person will never forget. Looking at the Koyo is a big cultural tradition in Japan. Koyo has a historical background, from the Edo

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Autumn Limited Edition Food Goodies in Japan

As the season changes to Autumn, clothing stores start to stock their stores will all sorts of new seasonal wear. Sure, when the season changes the weather changes and you definitely need warmer clothing, but there is also something to be said about a different atmosphere. When summer turns to autumn in Tokyo the leaves start to fall, it becomes colder, sometimes a little rainy, and everyone wants to bundle up. To commemorate this seasonal change as well as some of the holidays and traditions in Japan, many fast food chains, restaurants, and cafes release a limited time seasonal menu. McDonald’s Tsukimi Burgers: Let’s start with McDonald’s. McDonald’s has their

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How To Have a Karaoke Night in Tokyo!

Ready to sing? In Japan, Karaoke is one of the most common entertainment activities. When visiting Japan you will see several Karaoke stores and wonder how the system works, which one to choose and the difference between them. You might imagine Karaoke as bars where people sing in front of everybody. Wrong perspective; in Japan this is in the past. Nowadays, Karaokes offer separate rooms where you have fun with your friends in privacy. Let’s understand how the system works. How It Works Arriving at a Karaoke, you will find a counter. The staff will ask for the quantity of people and time you intend to stay. The average time

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Bread in Japan Part 1

Japan is a paradise for food lovers. With sushi made from fish caught on the same day, crispy tempura, handmade udon, and even Pikachu themed curry rice will keep your belly full longer than your stay in Japan. That being said, don’t miss out on the Japanese bread experience! If you want to get a taste of Japan, be sure to try these baked concoctions that have become a staple in Japanese food culture. Anpan Anpan. When thinking about traditional Japanese sweets (called wagashi – 和菓子), sweetened red bean paste is as ubiquitous as it gets. So it is not surprising that one of the most ubiquitous Japanese breads is filled with

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The Almighty Japanese Convenience Stores

Obviously from the name, you know that a convenience store is meant to be a convenient spot to get all your basic necessities. A convenience store will not get any more convenient than the ones in Japan. They have almost everything you need in one stop! First and foremost, the convenience stores in Japan have food, notebooks, hygiene items, magazines, and many more of the “basics” you would usually need for daily living. Convenience Store Brands The great thing about the convenience stores in Japan is that they have their own brand which offer a line of foods that are a lot cheaper than the other brand name stuff. For example,

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Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo 2015

Hosted by Vogue Japan, the global fashion phenomenon, “Fashion’s Night Out” will kick off this weekend in Tokyo. The opening events will begin on Saturday, September 12th at 4pm, held at the flagship Opening Ceremony store in Omotesando Hills. There will be a special live performance by the stylish drummer Kavka Shishido. Get the scoop from the editors of Vogue Japan and see the fashion route that they recommend. Red Valentino Aoyama will have a one-of-a-kind Fashion’s Night Out logo tee and a romantic layered skirt for purchase. Also in Omotesando, the Longchamp store will debut a quirky, colorful tote bag for cat lovers. A cute twist on their iconic handbag,

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How To Sort Your Trash Like a Pro in Tokyo

Trash sorting can be a daunting task,whether you are at the convenience store, train station or a vacation rental. So many different containers…what to do? Categories and methods of sorting garbage vary from area to area, so be sure to get detailed instructions from your host. Some areas require you to purchase neighborhood-specific trash bags, while other places allow the use of any plastic bags. If special bags are required, you can usually purchase them at supermarkets, drugstores or convenience stores in that area. Different categories of trash are taken out on different days of the week, and certain categories may only be picked up a couple times a month.

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Japanese Tea Ceremony 101

Depending on where you’re from, tea may not be something that takes a lot of importance in your daily life. In Japan, tea is a big part of daily life. There are dozens of different types of bottled tea and it goes well with any kind of Japanese meals. Not only does it have such a precedent in everyday life, but it also has a deep history in Japanese culture. History and Spiritual Aspects One of the most elegant and cultural aspect of tea in Japan is the tea ceremony (cha no yu) or the way of tea (sado). The ceremony and tea itself was first introduced to Japan from China. From

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Like 1,000 mirrors: Cafe Culture in Tokyo

In their transformation of Edo into a metropolis, incorporating cafe culture was the Tokyo masters coup de grâce. It gave creatives and bohemians somewhere to hang out, and led to the budding of new social norms. Right from the start, they had the impulse that it would not be enough to mimic what they were doing in Europe: no, better to take the idea and make it Tokyo. Whilst a thousand cafes filled with iron and white tablecloths is charming in a city of cathedrals, this city is made of visions of the future. Tokyo inspiration Proprietors exploit space, natural light, furnishings and music merely to reflect the character of

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7 of the Most Essential Japanese Vending Machine Beverages to Quench Your Thirst With

Anywhere you go in Japan, you can bet that you will find a vending machine stocked with ready-to-drink bottled and canned beverages somewhere in the area. Known as the jidohanbaiki or jihanki in short, these machines have become a part of the landscape of this country. While you can find a wide array of lists on the internet about the quirky and unusual products sold on these machines, here is a list of the teiban (‘classics’) of the Japanese brands which have withstood the test of time and fads, and are definitely here to stay.