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How To Have Fun in Tokyo at Night: Skyscrapers, Festivals, Illumination and more!

You’ve made it halfway around the world to Tokyo, the last thing you’re going to do is sleep the night away right? Good, because there are plenty of great things to do and see in Tokyo after the sun goes down. As long as you go to Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Ginza you’ll definitely be able to find bars and clubs (all different atmospheres depending on the location you decide to venture out to) so I’ll tell you some of the other things you can enjoy in Tokyo under the starry sky. Night View from Tokyo Skyscrapers A great way to see the beautiful city of Japan all lit up

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Tokyo’s Can’t-Miss Summer Events: Yukata Check These Out!

With shorts, sandals and sunglasses galore—and cicadas screeching everywhere you go—you know that summer is finally here. While Tokyo summers are blazing hot and notoriously humid, it’s equally well known for its vast number of exciting festivals. You’ll get everything from fireworks to festivals to evening cruises in this sizzling concrete jungle. First Things First If you plan on attending multiple summer events in Tokyo, definitely invest in a yukata (a casual cotton kimono for the summer). You’ll see many people in beautifully dyed yukata robes at almost all the summer events, because wearing one to a festival is half the fun! Putting on a yukata is no easy feat,

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Fuji Rock Fest ’15: A Must-See Pulsating Slice of Tokyo

Now that you’re in Tokyo, you may wonder how you’re possibly going to see and do it all. Given the seemingly endless amount of places to see, things to do, items to buy, and food to eat, not knowing where to point your compass toward next is understandable. Tokyo has everything and more to offer any type of traveler. But there’s one thing I bet rarely ever enters people’s minds, especially while in Japan – attend a rock concert. Yep, no melodic kotos playing smoothing background music in your favorite sushi restaurant. No, no no… This is full-blown, bass thumping, fiery guitar riff, blast your eardrums rock music to let

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7 Music Festivals in Japan You Don’t Want to Miss

All across Japan, usually during the warmer seasons, there are dozens of music festivals.  Music festivals in Japan carry the same connotation as they do in the west: they are relaxed, filled with people soaking up the sun and the tunes, and have an energy and vibe that is unmatched.  The culture is quite different, and the people tend to be much more open than they are in other venues.  They range from the very popular to the underground.  There’s a music festival for any genre of music that may be your preference; it’s all about deciding which one is right for you. ♫              Birth Music Festival tends to be one

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