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Experience Tokyo’s Most Exquisite Gourmet with Pocket Concierge

Tokyo locals pride themselves in the sheer number of stellar restaurants that can be found within the city; from sushi to teppanyaki, the city offers ample opportunities for culinary adventures. However, travelers may be especially intimidated by the often complicated and difficult procedures of reserving a seat at a highly sought after restaurant—enter Pocket Concierge, an English app and website that enables users to make a reservation at a restaurant of their choice from the app’s star-studded roster which includes Michelin approvals and Tabelog Top 5000 regulars.

Autumn Limited Edition Food Goodies in Japan

As the season changes to Autumn, clothing stores start to stock their stores will all sorts of new seasonal wear. Sure, when the season changes the weather changes and you definitely need warmer clothing, but there is also something to be said about a different atmosphere. When summer turns to autumn in Tokyo the leaves start to fall, it becomes colder, sometimes a little rainy, and everyone wants to bundle up. To commemorate this seasonal change as well as some of the holidays and traditions in Japan, many fast food chains, restaurants, and cafes release a limited time seasonal menu. McDonald’s Tsukimi Burgers: Let’s start with McDonald’s. McDonald’s has their

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Bread in Japan Part 1

Japan is a paradise for food lovers. With sushi made from fish caught on the same day, crispy tempura, handmade udon, and even Pikachu themed curry rice will keep your belly full longer than your stay in Japan. That being said, don’t miss out on the Japanese bread experience! If you want to get a taste of Japan, be sure to try these baked concoctions that have become a staple in Japanese food culture. Anpan Anpan. When thinking about traditional Japanese sweets (called wagashi – 和菓子), sweetened red bean paste is as ubiquitous as it gets. So it is not surprising that one of the most ubiquitous Japanese breads is filled with

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4 Mouthwatering Tokyo Eats You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In case you didn’t know already, Tokyo is a heaven for food lovers—however, you may be robbing yourself of the complete foodie experience if you’re only sticking to trying the textbook examples of the Japanese cuisine known to the world. Sure, sushi and ramen are great, but you must know that Tokyo has so much more to offer to satisfy your taste buds. Here is a list of four delicious Japanese eats you must try in Tokyo which you may have never heard of—but they are sure to become the newest additions to your all-time favorite dishes.

The Definitive List of Conbini Snacks That Will Satisfy Any Cravings

Convenience stores, or conbinis as the Japanese call it in short, have become a vital part of city life in the country. While most stores now will offer anything from food, toiletries, to stationary, it is also worth knowing that conbinis carry their own brand of delicious light snacks and meals that is available at anytime of the day or the night. Be it an afternoon coffee break or a midnight craving, when hunger strikes, head to your local conbini and seek out any of the following eats.

How to Take on Tokyo Worry Free

Just the idea of traveling to a faraway and unfamiliar land such as Tokyo is enough to make some panic. Nowadays there are so many things to worry about before you can just head off on your next journey. One needs to thoroughly research the ins and outs of their desired destination, figure out what areas are safe and which ones aren’t, read loads of travel blogs to get the inside scoop from those who have already been, and be sure to stock up on Imodium. I mean you are heading to Asia, right? Tokyo saturates the senses Well of course you should do your homework and learn as much

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