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Experience Tokyo’s Most Exquisite Gourmet with Pocket Concierge

Tokyo locals pride themselves in the sheer number of stellar restaurants that can be found within the city; from sushi to teppanyaki, the city offers ample opportunities for culinary adventures. However, travelers may be especially intimidated by the often complicated and difficult procedures of reserving a seat at a highly sought after restaurant—enter Pocket Concierge, an English app and website that enables users to make a reservation at a restaurant of their choice from the app’s star-studded roster which includes Michelin approvals and Tabelog Top 5000 regulars.

Cool Japanese Stationery for Back-to-School and Souvenirs

Japanese stationery is famous worldwide for a large variety and impressive innovative items. They keep reinventing stationery goods in order to make life a little easier and interesting. So when coming to Japan, please check them out! Japanese stationery are special due to their great quality, functionality, cuteness and uniqueness. Most of the stationery goods can be found at Ito-ya, Tokyu Hands, and Oriental Bazaar. Some cool back-to-school stationery: 1.Erasable Pen This pen is very useful, it uses a special ink that gets erased using the frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. It erases so well the paper looks like you have painted it white. Another special

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Autumn Limited Edition Food Goodies in Japan

As the season changes to Autumn, clothing stores start to stock their stores will all sorts of new seasonal wear. Sure, when the season changes the weather changes and you definitely need warmer clothing, but there is also something to be said about a different atmosphere. When summer turns to autumn in Tokyo the leaves start to fall, it becomes colder, sometimes a little rainy, and everyone wants to bundle up. To commemorate this seasonal change as well as some of the holidays and traditions in Japan, many fast food chains, restaurants, and cafes release a limited time seasonal menu. McDonald’s Tsukimi Burgers: Let’s start with McDonald’s. McDonald’s has their

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Bread in Japan Part 1

Japan is a paradise for food lovers. With sushi made from fish caught on the same day, crispy tempura, handmade udon, and even Pikachu themed curry rice will keep your belly full longer than your stay in Japan. That being said, don’t miss out on the Japanese bread experience! If you want to get a taste of Japan, be sure to try these baked concoctions that have become a staple in Japanese food culture. Anpan Anpan. When thinking about traditional Japanese sweets (called wagashi – 和菓子), sweetened red bean paste is as ubiquitous as it gets. So it is not surprising that one of the most ubiquitous Japanese breads is filled with

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Like 1,000 mirrors: Cafe Culture in Tokyo

In their transformation of Edo into a metropolis, incorporating cafe culture was the Tokyo masters coup de grâce. It gave creatives and bohemians somewhere to hang out, and led to the budding of new social norms. Right from the start, they had the impulse that it would not be enough to mimic what they were doing in Europe: no, better to take the idea and make it Tokyo. Whilst a thousand cafes filled with iron and white tablecloths is charming in a city of cathedrals, this city is made of visions of the future. Tokyo inspiration Proprietors exploit space, natural light, furnishings and music merely to reflect the character of

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Hakkeyoi Nokotta! All About Japanese Sumo Wrestling

If I asked, “Give me 5 things that you think symbolizes Japan.” what would you say? I guarantee that most people will include Sumo as one of the five. And why not? It’s very unique to have big overweight men in fundoshi (the funny little underwear they wear) and gelled chonmage (a samuri buns) wrestling each other in a little ring isn’t it? So don’t wait any longer! Go out there and see it for yourself! Rules As an ex-wrestler myself, I can tell you that the rules of sumo wrestling are significantly different and also a lot simpler than freestyle wrestling. First, sumo wrestling has absolutely no weight classes.

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Like to Delve Into Japanese Culture? These Top 5 Movies Will Do the Trick

The significant impact movies have had on societies and cultures over the decades, has left an indelible mark in people’s lives, for entertainment or otherwise. Regarding Japan, film is undeniably a great way to get to know what this diverse and intriguing country is all about. You’ll soon realize that it’s so much more than raw fish, sumo wresting, anime, and bright lights. Films not only express what words or pictures could never possibly convey, it also introduces popular ideas and has the ability to shape national consciousness. If you want to get a head–start on getting to know Japan from within, including its nuances, and what seeps from its

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