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Koyo in Japan: Changing Colors of Autumn Foliage

The summer is over and we can finally get away from Japan’s humidity! In the fall, there are a lot of places to see the “Koyo” in Japan. “Koyo” means the changing of the autumn colors. It is one of the most beautiful things to enjoy in this season. You might think that looking at leaves/trees all day sounds boring BUT, its beautiful and romantic! Picture yourself under the Koyo asking someone who you REALLY like out under  these beautiful trees. Its a memory you and that person will never forget. Looking at the Koyo is a big cultural tradition in Japan. Koyo has a historical background, from the Edo

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Autumn Limited Edition Food Goodies in Japan

As the season changes to Autumn, clothing stores start to stock their stores will all sorts of new seasonal wear. Sure, when the season changes the weather changes and you definitely need warmer clothing, but there is also something to be said about a different atmosphere. When summer turns to autumn in Tokyo the leaves start to fall, it becomes colder, sometimes a little rainy, and everyone wants to bundle up. To commemorate this seasonal change as well as some of the holidays and traditions in Japan, many fast food chains, restaurants, and cafes release a limited time seasonal menu. McDonald’s Tsukimi Burgers: Let’s start with McDonald’s. McDonald’s has their

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