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Tokyo Art: The Kind that Sticks in Your Head

Let’s face it, sometimes art can be a waste of your time. I mean, who remembers the fruit bowl your teacher made you paint in 2nd grade? Some art simply doesn’t have a meaning that connects to your inner being. Sometimes, we are just in too much of a hurry to even notice that there is art around us. Want to experience art that will appeal to your senses? Come and see the best art that Tokyo has to offer you this summer. Simple Forms: Where Does Beauty Come From? In 19th and 20th century Europe, mathematics, mechanical engineering, biology, geology, and archeology all started to re-recognize one thing. Simplicity

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7 Music Festivals in Japan You Don’t Want to Miss

All across Japan, usually during the warmer seasons, there are dozens of music festivals.  Music festivals in Japan carry the same connotation as they do in the west: they are relaxed, filled with people soaking up the sun and the tunes, and have an energy and vibe that is unmatched.  The culture is quite different, and the people tend to be much more open than they are in other venues.  They range from the very popular to the underground.  There’s a music festival for any genre of music that may be your preference; it’s all about deciding which one is right for you. ♫              Birth Music Festival tends to be one

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Taste History with a Modern Comfort: The Edo-Tokyo Museum

Easily accessible from many of Tokyo’s subway lines, the Edo-Tokyo Museum is a fantastic outing for people of all ages interested in Japanese history and culture. Built in 1993, this facility is one of Tokyo’s most well known museums and has entertained and educated guests from around the world for over twenty years. Located in Sumida, a ward within Tokyo, it is surrounded by many other superb attractions that make Japan famous; the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest freestanding tower in the world, ‘Ryogoku,’ Japan’s national Sumo stadium, Japan’s famous ‘Asahi’ Beer Breweries Headquarters and even Sumida Triphony Hall, the home of the New Japan Philharmonic. Ideal for a morning visit,

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The A to Z Café: Where Funkiness Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Yoshitomo Nara studied art in Aichi and Dusseldorf, loves punk rock and was an exceptionally imaginative boy. He’s known as the father of the Japanese Neo Pop movement, having had exhibitions everywhere from New York to Berlin. We’re talking minimalist portraits of wide-eyed girls, standing around and sometimes holding magic wands, cigarettes, small knives, etc. A lot of people are unnerved by their strong sense of mischief, but there’s something undeniably relatable about Nara’s kids, whose dreamlike silence leaves you wanting more. So surely it’d be cool if you could enter into their world? It is and you can. “I do painting because I can’t express myself well in words”

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Tokyo’s Cultural Constellation: An Art Gallery This High Up?

Forget words. When it comes to mediums for expression, Japan is ultimately more about aesthetics. Whilst this is played out spectacularly on the kabuki stage, there’s really no slicker way to explore Japanese culture than to head to Tokyo and dive head first into its art scene. It’s a lucid, throaty articulation of modern Japan, meal for the city’s creatively carnivorous residents; plus there’s something for everyone. It deals in the contemporary and traditional, the Japanese and foreign, and it’s spread out all across the city. So if you love art, getting acquainted with Tokyo’s art scene gives you the perfect angle to infiltrate Tokyo’s flawlessly designed, culturally packed landscape.

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Who Says Art Is Better at Street Level? The Mori Art Museum Reaches New Heights

Tokyo is a good, old-fashioned city with one million faces: in this sense, it’s one of the best. Its 23 districts flaunt unabashedly unique characters, and the city as a whole unrelentingly inundates residents and guests with images. Everything from cats and cute boys to scenes of old Japan; modern kids pretending to be traditional, beguiling women and unhappy businessmen falling off platforms. It’ll leave you feeling bamboozled, and more than a little bit curious. What is this place, and what does it really look like anyway? Mori Tower, Roppongi Tokyo piques your senses, and evokes emotions that people may have never experienced in their lives. Downtown, you’ll spot people

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