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Staying in Japan for a few months? Airbnb is the way to go

Whether you’re studying, working, interning, or just on an adventure, you may end up in a situation where you are in Japan for a few months. Unless you are coming to Japan with an organization, it’s going to be either extremely difficult or very expensive for you to find a place to stay. The cheapest dormitory style hostel you’ll be able to find in Tokyo is going to be about ¥2,000 ($16.56)/night and for an average hotel room expect to pay around ¥5,000 ($41.39) to ¥10,000 ($82.78).

But let’s be honest, who wants to live in a tiny space for an extended amount of time without a kitchen and comfortable living space? So instead of going through the hassle of trying to rent an apartment or paying an exorbitant amount of money staying in a hotel for a few months, why not try Airbnb?

Airbnb is cheaper and easier

First, if you input a long period of time into Airbnb you’ll get results in terms of months instead of nights. This makes your search relatively easier. You can browse through those accommodations that list monthly rates. But if you want to switch the places you’re staying at, or want to stay in a certain place that doesn’t offer a monthly rate, have no fear. Even if a host doesn’t list a monthly rate, there is definitely a possibility of you staying there long term.

Even better is that you can most likely get a month stay at a cheaper rate than their daily rate. This is because if the host can get one guest in their house the same amount of time as having 20 guests, it’s a lot easier to just deal with one. This reduces the hassle of figuring out logistics and cleaning up. So before you just book, make sure you personal message the host to try to see how long you can stay at their accommodation as well as if you can get a cheaper rate.

Other tips when looking for long term stay with Airbnb

tips airbnb tokyo mistersuite
Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking for a long term spot on Airbnb for Japan is to make sure to click the “Entire Home” button. If you don’t you might end up sharing a house with the host for you whole stay. This may not bother you, but if you are staying for a long time you may want more personal space.

But hey, if you are in need of a friend this may be the way to do it! Just be respectful of the guest because they do have their own lives and own agenda and they aren’t there to entertain you!

Although you are paying to stay at the house or apartment, unlike a hotel, it may not be equipped with your everyday necessities. So make sure you check the Amenities and Description section. There they may say that they don’t provide essentials which means you have to make sure to bring shampoo, toothpaste, other toiletries, and towels that you usually wouldn’t bring on a trip if you were going to stay in a hotel. But then again, because you are planning on staying here it may be nice to pick out and buy towels and toiletries that you like instead of depending on the free mini shampoo bottles hotels usually provide.

Be aware of the House Rules

There are people who will have your usual rules like please respect the neighbors and keep the noise level down, keep the apartment clean, and especially in Japan, please take your shoes off when you enter the house.

These are pretty standard rules that are easy to follow.

But there are other rules like no drinking, no visitors allowed, etc. that may not suit your living style. Sure, if you were just going to stay for a few nights you could practice sobriety or meet up with your friends in a public place, but if you are going to stay for longer than a few days you’re going to want to do what you usually do at home. So if the host’s rules don’t match your lifestyle don’t try to be sneaky and break the rules, but just find another accommodation that might suit you better!

Finding long term accommodation in Japan isn’t hard if you look at Airbnb. The added perk is that unlike an apartment you don’t have to sign a lease or worry about breaking a contract. With Airbnb you can stay in a spot for as long as the host okays and you won’t have to worry about finding an apartment to stay in for an awkward amount of time (like 2 months).

It’s also a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel (especially considering you can cook for yourself if you have a kitchen and you can save cost on food) and a lot more homey! So if you’re planning on going to Japan for an extended period of time, why not check out Airbnb for a comfy house!

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