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Neighbourhood Guide: Shimokitazawa

01Shimokitazawa(下北沢)also known as “Shimokita” is best known for the entertainment district located in Setagaya Tokyo. Its very popular for fashion, bars, cafe, restaurants, some theatres, and also people can be able to enjoy live music entertainment. Its kind of like “Harajuku” and “Koenji” because a lot of young people go to shimokita to hang out. Its a interesting and quit neighbourhood to just hang out with friends/family!

Shimokita’s Background 

Shimokita is very popular among young people. People call it “The youth’s city.”

Its in the top 5 placese the young people want to live in because its cool and fashionable. Shimokita became popular to young people around the 70s when rock, jazz, and pop became popular all over Japan. Because of this, now every year there is a music festival called “Shimokita music festival”. Its a very small local festival but popular among the young people who enjoy shopping, gourmet, going to bars etc.

Kinds of Stores You can Find at Shimokita

If your going to go to shimokita, you have to go SHOPPING! Shimokita is mostly famous for its unique fashion stores. Most of the stores are reasonable and fun so you can enjoy and maybe get something nice for yourself!

An interesting store I recommend is 東洋百貨店 (Toyohiyakaten)

Located at the north exit of Shimokitazawa station. Whats so cool about this store is that its like a department store that is designed as a garage. There are 22 stores inside and you can find all kinds of generes such as vintage clothing stores, antic store, bicycle store, you can also get your nails done! There are so many stores to look at.There is also a small event space where sometimes bands or comedians have little concerts. You can shop and experience the shimokita culture in this garage style department store!



This is the inside of 東洋百貨店(Toyohyakaten). As you can see it doesn’t really look like a department store…more of a storage shed….but thats what makes shopping here interesting!

Where to Eat

Most of the restaurants and bars in shimokita have a nice atmosphere.After you do a little bit of shopping of course you are going to get hungry! If you are going to a fashionable place like shimokita of course you have to eat at a nice place as well.

A good place to eat would be IBIZA. A nice cool Italian restaurant located 2 min from Shimokitazawa station.


The atmosphere seems like your in New York or somewhere fancy! Not just focusing of eating but also you can come here to just grab a drink. Their fresh vegetable course is popular! Many girls come here to have 女子会(joshikai) which means all girls party. The scenery is also romantic for taking someone on a date♡

Shimokita isn’t a big town compared to harajuku or shibuya area. But, its full of exciting things you can’t experience or see in any other part of Tokyo! If you want to buy some new clothes or antics, I suggest you go to Shimokita.

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