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Lucky Ebisu: Getting into the Groove in the Land of Fortune

Ebisu. Historically known as the God of fishmermen and luck. Currently known as inspiration for Yebisu beer, breeder by Sapporo, and also has a link to the clothing line Ebisu. Quite a far cry from the origins. Enticing, exciting, and full of culture pulling from the past that has transformed into the making of the future.

One beautiful thing about Asia is that you can see the transformation of everything in the making. The past is turned into ideas for the future and you can see it now in the present during that journey. Isn’t that the point of life? To be a witness is a pleasure and an experience most people won’t ever be able to say they have done. Enjoy it. Savor it. Take it all in.

Now, that being said, how is the best way to do it, you ask? And how to go about it? That’s what I’m here for my friends. It’s all about what angle you are looking to achieve while you are here. I personally prefer the hidden spots, slightly touristy, but not so much that it takes away from the experience of Japan, specifically, Ebisu.

ebisu yokocho

For me, Ebisu is all about the food. I mean street food.

You always hear rumors about not eating from street food stands no matter where you are in the world. Here’s the thing- it’s all a lie. Eat the food like locals. Be careful, of course, but enjoy the culture in this sense. Watch where all the locals go and that usually is a good lead. Go on a side street block and you will have the best meal of your trip in Japan.

Trust me. It’s worth it.

Not a lot of people know English on the side streets, so keep that in mind. It might be embarrassing to point to ask in broken Japanese for what they’re cooking, but it’s usually worth it. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. The standing bar food stands are worth the money and the experience. It would be a shame not to try it. And you would regret it- trust me.

My favorite ones are one stop away from Shibuya on the JR Yamonote line and two stops from Roppongi on the Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya line. You simply can’t go to Japan, or Asia for that matter, without having this experience. You have to have a beer and eat street food to really, truly experience Asia.

Ebisu is the place to do it in Japan.

airbnb over hotel

Where to stay is another matter. This totally depends on what experience you are looking for. If you are looking for some comfort from home, expect to pay for it. You can find places in the area, but it’s expensive. The myth about Japan is that everything is expensive, but the truth is it’s all about what you are willing to pay for comfort.

After living in Asia off and on for almost five years, I don’t mind the small rooms. To be frank, I’m happy to have a working shower. If I have working, reliable internet, I’m ecstatic! You can easily get a place to stay in this area for about $100.00 USD, but know that means that your room will be very small compared to a lot of foreign standards. There’s nothing wrong with that, just keep that in mind while traveling.

It’s all a part of the journey, right? You can check out the different Airbnb homes in the area here –

museum of yebisu beer

So, here is one thing I would suggest to check out besides the food. But, before that, have I mentioned the food? Get on that. Now to the main focus- go to the Museum of Yebisu Beer. It remains in the old brewery building. It’s fun and easy to access. It’s essential to Ebisu and being a history major, I feel like it’s very important to the core of the area. Also, you can then truly appreciate the nice cold one you have with your street food afterwards. Enjoy Ebisu- land of fortune, beer, and the best damn street food you will have in Japan.

You’re welcome, world. Hope to share a cold one with you soon.

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