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Koyo in Japan: Changing Colors of Autumn Foliage

The summer is over and we can finally get away from Japan’s humidity!

In the fall, there are a lot of places to see the “Koyo” in Japan. “Koyo” means the changing of the autumn colors. It is one of the most beautiful things to enjoy in this season. You might think that looking at leaves/trees all day sounds boring BUT, its beautiful and romantic! Picture yourself under the Koyo asking someone who you REALLY like out under  these beautiful trees. Its a memory you and that person will never forget. Looking at the Koyo is a big cultural tradition in Japan.

Koyo has a historical background, from the Edo period people learned how to entertain themselves while the seasons are changing. Ever since the people from the Edo period discovered Koyo, some people enjoy going to the hot springs where they can see the Koyo and relax.  Compared to hanami, during this season mostly couples go look at the koyo for a romantic view/date.

What people do when visiting Koyo


You might think there isn’t that much to do but, actually there is! Koyo is probably best for taking pictures. The leaves are SO beautiful! it looks like gold everywhere! Taking pictures of the leaves could make a good post card to send to your family or friends. Just walking around it can make you feel relaxed. There are some people who picnic under the Koyo (mainly couples). Another tradition is people go and gather the leaves and take them home. You can only see the Koyo during this season so its very rare and taking some of the leaves home could be a good souvenir!

The BEST place to enjoy Koyo

There are many places you can be able to go see the koyo but, one of the best places would be Meiji Jingu. Meiji Jingu is located in Tokyo near the Harajuku area. If you want to see the best Koyo in Meiji Jingu, the viewing starts in the middle of November. The Koyo in Meiji Jingu is about 300m long!

People call it “The Gold Road” because the trees look gold and represent the Koyo colours.

The Meiji Jingu Koyo feels like art that is right in front of you!

Since Meiji Jingu is located in Tokyo, not just looking at Koyo but there are many other things/places to visit!

Probably the number one place to visit would be The Meiji Jingu shrine. People who visit the Koyo in Meiji Jingu (especially couples) first go walk around the Koyo. They take pictures together, maybe have a little picnic under the trees, and just relax. After thats done they go to the shrine and pray for their happiness←maybe?♡

This is probably the best date plan for couples! I have seen a lot of couples do this during the Koyo season.

Of course there are many other places to visit Koyo. Probably the most famous place would be Kyoto because that is where the tradition started. BUT! If you go visit the Koyo in Meiji Jingu you can see a different side of Tokyo that you can only experience in this season.

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