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How to Eat Yakitori Like a Japanese

When it comes to the snacks in Japan, yakitori is definitely worth a try. The literal translations is ‘grilled chicken’ and it refers to the bite-sized pieces of chicken meat and giblets, strung on the bamboo skewers and grilled over the charcoal. The restaurants serving up delicious sticks of grilled food can be found everywhere in Japan. However, many people like to enjoy yakitori on the go purchasing it from street vendors scattered outside the train stations.

Where to Try Yakitori?

Having troubles finding the place that serves yakitori? Just watch out for the clouds of aromatic smoke waffling out the grill stands. The smells are so enticing that it is impossible not to stop by and grab some grilled snacks before going home. Read on to learn the proper way to enjoy the delicious Japanese snack yakitori!

Choose Your Type

Yakitori stands serve a wide variety of skewered foods using every part of a chicken body. Many Japanese food lovers are obsessed with negima yakitori that consists of bite-size chicken pieces sandwiched between pieces of onion. Others prefer gobbling down meatballs of tsukune yakitori made of minced chicken meat, egg, vegetables and spices. If you do not know, what to order, just say a magical spell ‘kushimori’ and you will be brought 5-10 types of different pieces strung on the skewers.

Salt of Sauce?

When ordering, you will be offered to choose between salty (‘shio’) and sauced (‘tare’) version of yakitori. Simple sprinkling of coarse sea salt will give it more traditional taste while simmering taro sauce will add another glorious flavor to the perfectly grilled meat. It is up to you!

Use Your Hands

As a street food snack, yakitori is usually eaten with your hands. If you do not consider it appropriate, you can use chopsticks to remove the meat from the stick before consuming it. Do not forget to wash it down with a mug of beer! After you finish, put your used skewer in a small cup located either on a counter or on table. Yummy, right?

Yakitori TORIE
TORIE provides sophisticated Yakitori in Ueno, fairly certified by Michelin. The Yakitori dishes contain Tottori Prefecture’s “Daisen Tori” as the centerpiece, with famously limited production such as Tankai Jidori and Kōchi Prefecture’s Tosa Jirō. These are all offered at an incredibly reasonable price. In TORIE you will see Yakitori is different than just grilled chicken.

Yakitori TORIE

Address:: Kurita Bld.1F, 3-40-8, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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