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Experience Tokyo’s Most Exquisite Gourmet with Pocket Concierge

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Tokyo locals pride themselves in the sheer number of stellar restaurants that can be found within the city; from sushi to teppanyaki, the city offers ample opportunities for culinary adventures. However, travelers may be especially intimidated by the often complicated and difficult procedures of reserving a seat at a highly sought after restaurant—enter Pocket Concierge, an English app and website that enables users to make a reservation at a restaurant of their choice from the app’s star-studded roster which includes Michelin approvals and Tabelog Top 5000 regulars.

Make a reservation anywhere, any time


If you wish to make a reservation at a popular Michelin star restaurant, one should usually do so early rather than leaving it to the last minute; however, if a phone reservation in Japanese with time difference practically makes it impossible for you to make an early reservation before arriving in Japan, Pocket Concierge has got you covered. The app’s 24 hour English service easily allows you to specify a date and time along with further details such as your choice of menu course on its interface, eliminating the hassle and anxiety of reserving a seat in a foreign language.

Food and drink pairing made easy


For dining enthusiasts, one of the greatest joys of eating out is to let spontaneity run its course and order an intuitive choice right from the menu. However, this could be made difficult for travelers with the language barrier; instead of feeling lost looking at a Japanese menu, Pocket Concierge allows its users to select menu items in English at the time of reservation. The pros to this service also includes the fact that the pre-ordered menu will be prepared accordingly to your time of arrival, meaning less waiting time and certainty for one’s ordered items. The pre-ordering also allows for the users to input any food allergies and specifications.

Dine smarter: smooth and stress-free payment


Anxious of how much your dining total would be? Managing your budget is an essential aspect of vacationing for many travelers; Pocket Concierge’s Smart Payment feature allows users to prepay their orders via credit card payment upon reservation for a truly stress-free dining experience. Decided to order more upon arrival? No worries—the updated total will be put together with the initial amount and will be charged on the registered card.

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Pocket Concierge is a revolutionary service in Japan that offers travelers an opportunity to dine at some of the most exclusive dining spots in Tokyo; to learn more about how to enjoy a hassle-free gourmet dining experience in Tokyo, register here at Pocket Concierge.

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