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Cool Japanese Stationery for Back-to-School and Souvenirs

Japanese stationery is famous worldwide for a large variety and impressive innovative items. They keep reinventing stationery goods in order to make life a little easier and interesting. So when coming to Japan, please check them out!
Japanese stationery are special due to their great quality, functionality, cuteness and uniqueness. Most of the stationery goods can be found at Ito-ya, Tokyu Hands, and Oriental Bazaar.

Some cool back-to-school stationery:


1.Erasable Pen
This pen is very useful, it uses a special ink that gets erased using the frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. It erases so well the paper looks like you have painted it white. Another special point is that the eraser does not shed!

2.Staple-less Stapler
This invention is really cool. The stapler bind papers together without using staples. Which is a good option for children since it is safe and it is also ecologically friendly since it does not require staples to be made.

3.Stand-alone Pencil Case
This is a good option for people that are unable to find things inside their pencil case. With this pencil case, you can see it stands up and makes it very easy to find what you need when you need it.


4. Waterproof Memo Pads
This paper is so strong that even when wet it will not rip when you touch it. It is possible to even write on it using a pencil while it’s underwater! It can be used at waterfront spots like beaches or even daily in the kitchen near a sink. It is the coolest invention specially thinking that it is very useful during times of disaster.

5. Erasers
Japanese erasers can have so many designs that you might not want to use them. There are from animals shape to food or vehicles. They are usually designed and made in Japan, so it has a great quality, and last for long time. An interesting fact is related to the process of making them. The erasers are made by parts so the color will not fade away with time and the ‘puzzle’ parts fits perfectly!

Some cool souvenirs:


1. Daruma Dolls
Daruma are usually small dolls, usually red colored, that are amulets for good luck, prosperity and for power to accomplish goals. It is sold without the eyes. This doll is a good souvenir because the person receiving it will make a wish and draw the first eye and the second eye is drawn only after the wish is fulfilled.

2. Kendama

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy: a wooden, hammer-like object, connected by a string to a wooden ball. This toy is very popular in Japan, which the basic tricks consist of catching the ball in the cups and on the spike. This souvenir is a good potion for kids and for wooden games lover.


3. Cheap Snacks

Everybody loves food, and Japan has so many types of snacks that are not find anywhere else! From rice crackers to soybean Kit Kat. People get really impressed with snacks they found around Tokyo, so choose the most different ones and give to your friends (or not).

4. Fake Food Keyring
Fake food is found around restaurants in Japan and it is very popular among visitors. So why not bring some of this weird and fascinating culture back home? There are so many kinds of fake food keychains, the ones I like the most are the sushi and ramen. A great option as souvenirs for friends that have humor and love food.

5. Omamori (Lucky Charms)
Omamori are like amulets or talismans that are said to keep people safe and motivated. Long time ago their main purpose was to keep away evil spirits, and to protect from bad experiences. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of omamori, all with different purposes and delightfully colorful! They are good souvenirs options for people you care of. You can find them at Temples or Shrines.

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