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Public Wi-Fi and Internet Access

It is hard to believe, but Japan is actually far behind in providing free public Wi-Fi compared to the Western World Though this is slowly changing, as Japan prepares for a large influx of tourists with Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics. This article will help provide tourists with all the ways to access free public Wi-Fi or methods to purchase devices and SIM cards so a constant Internet connection can be enjoyed throughout a stay in Japan. Free Public Wi-Fi around Tokyo is obviously the most popular because it is free; however, it is far from being convenient There are four resources that can be utilized to connect to the free Wi-Fi, as all four of these providers

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Japanese Convenience Stores: Now This is Serviceability!

The concept of convenience is basically embedded in Japanese culture. Everywhere you go, the infrastructure and the system itself, are designed to make life easier in every way possible. Convenience stores (Kobini in Japanese) are of course no exception – they’re everywhere in Tokyo! Furthermore, they’re always open 24/7, and they provide much more than the typical convenience store in America and Europe. This article will help provide you examples why convenient stores are truly excellent resources for tourists visiting Tokyo. Of course, the locals find them pretty handy too! The stores you will see the most are: Lawson’s, 7-11, and Family Mart. There are a few other stores scattered

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How to Navigate Tokyo’s Train Lines

Tokyo’s train system is very complex with numerous lines owned by multiple companies. There are both trains and subways with sometimes multiple transfers just to get across town. Having said all this, the system may be crazy but it is a very strategically organized crazy. This article will help provide you with the general know-how on both being prepared for what to expect when you arrive and how to get help if you find yourself lost or stuck finding the right line to get on. Don’t be afraid to ask When you arrive at the airport, I recommend you visit the information desk. They most often speak English and can

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