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Staying in Japan for a few months? Airbnb is the way to go

Whether you’re studying, working, interning, or just on an adventure, you may end up in a situation where you are in Japan for a few months. Unless you are coming to Japan with an organization, it’s going to be either extremely difficult or very expensive for you to find a place to stay. The cheapest dormitory style hostel you’ll be able to find in Tokyo is going to be about ¥2,000 ($16.56)/night and for an average hotel room expect to pay around ¥5,000 ($41.39) to ¥10,000 ($82.78). But let’s be honest, who wants to live in a tiny space for an extended amount of time without a kitchen and comfortable

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All about High-Tech Japanese Washlet Toilets!

For every traveler to Japan, the one single item that is part of the amazed discovery of its culture lies in the high-tech toilets. Actually, the first time in contact with it people are likely to be very surprised and think it is very funny. Of course people will, since it is about pooping and even though it is completely normal, natural and biologically necessary people do not like talking about it. However, when you start using it, you realize it is a life-saving invention. Why? Because Washlet toilet provides a very comfortable means of enhancing personal hygiene after using the toilet. Cleansing with warm water after using the toilet

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Business Meets Home: Work Smarter at HIVE TOKYO

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to waste your precious time commuting to and from your office? Have you ever dreamt of a space that is a smart and calming office by day, and a comfortable and modern home by night? Meet HIVE TOKYO. HIVE TOKYO is a newly renovated business-apartment complex located in the heart of Tokyo. It is a contemporary and stylish fusion of an inspiring workplace and an upscale residence. HIVE TOKYO “The better way to work & stay” Newly opened in Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, the luxurious office apartments are targeted towards international businesspeople, offering a wide variety of apartments and office types to suit any kind of

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How To Sort Your Trash Like a Pro in Tokyo

Trash sorting can be a daunting task,whether you are at the convenience store, train station or a vacation rental. So many different containers…what to do? Categories and methods of sorting garbage vary from area to area, so be sure to get detailed instructions from your host. Some areas require you to purchase neighborhood-specific trash bags, while other places allow the use of any plastic bags. If special bags are required, you can usually purchase them at supermarkets, drugstores or convenience stores in that area. Different categories of trash are taken out on different days of the week, and certain categories may only be picked up a couple times a month.

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How To Catch an Early Morning Flight When Trains Are Not Running

A recent study has shown that out of all the world’s major metropolitan cities, Tokyo residents sleep the least amount of time. The bustling streets and flashing lights never stop. But even in the city that doesn’t sleep, unfortunately the trains and many of the buses do. This can be a real problem if you need to catch an early flight. The train lines in Tokyo stop service between 12:00 AM-1:00 AM depending on the line and begin running again at 4:00 AM. This may not cut it if you have a 6:00 AM or even 7:00 AM flight. Narita International Airport is actually quite far from the center of

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Does Airbnb Have a Future in Japan?

Airbnb’s move to enter the Japanese market was a bold one. While the country might be one the world’s most advanced cities with its incredible infrastructure and latest technology, it is also one of the most paradoxical. With everything that makes this country attractive for companies like Airbnb, there exists a stubborn bureaucratic mindset that has been doing all that it can to resist the urge to open up and internationalize. Couple that with a risk-averse culture, Airbnb’s movement to bring communities of strangers together under one roof has been slow to pick up in Japan. Although it continues to face obstacles, Airbnb sees a bright future for itself in

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4 Things to Ask Your Japanese Airbnb Host About Before the Trip

There are a number of reasons why using Airbnb is a great idea. It’s safe, economical, and it gives you a chance to stay in a unique place. But besides that, Airbnb connects you with local hosts who know a ton about the city you’ll be staying in. Hosts can be great resources that may be able to provide a wealth of knowledge that will make your stay in their city so much more enjoyable.

Can I Really Trust Airbnb in Japan?

Finding the right accommodation can sometimes be the biggest pain when planning your trip. We have all heard horror stories from friends and fellow nomads of hotels or hostels not being all they were cracked up to be. Hostel and hotel owners have gotten especially good with Photoshop and the art of deception. We want to be absolutely one hundred percent certain that the room we have booked is actually the room we get. And for many of us, it’s sometimes more than just about the room. Travelers want a convenient, safe location, with the proper amenities, and a good atmosphere among other criteria. As you search for that perfect

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Can’t Check-in Early? Don’t Sweat It

Things don’t always go according to plan. You can spend hours and hours planning your next trip, but nothing is guaranteed to run as smoothly as you had hoped. Timing and scheduling can be a real hassle and sometimes having the luxury to check-in early or check-out late can really help. But often with Airbnb, this isn’t possible. You’ve arrived at your destination. It’s 9:00 am but your check-in time isn’t until 3:00 pm! What are you going to do for the next six hours? Being able to check-in early can be a huge stress relief. Unfortunately with most Airbnb hosts, this can sometimes be impossible as they are running on

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Don’t be Silly, Airbnb Isn’t Only for Backpackers!

As a backpacker, when I look for places to stay at night, I usually just look for the cheapest option that doesn’t look absolutely awful. Because I’m usually traveling for a few months, I need to make sure I can stretch every dollar I have. The easiest way to stretch each dollar is saving on accommodation. When I’m traveling on a business trip this is a whole different situation. Although I want to save every penny I have, sleep and comfort is a lot more important during a business trip. I always choose to use Airbnb instead of a hotel for a number of reasons. Save money! First and foremost,

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