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Experience Tokyo’s Most Exquisite Gourmet with Pocket Concierge

Tokyo locals pride themselves in the sheer number of stellar restaurants that can be found within the city; from sushi to teppanyaki, the city offers ample opportunities for culinary adventures. However, travelers may be especially intimidated by the often complicated and difficult procedures of reserving a seat at a highly sought after restaurant—enter Pocket Concierge, an English app and website that enables users to make a reservation at a restaurant of their choice from the app’s star-studded roster which includes Michelin approvals and Tabelog Top 5000 regulars.

How To Have Fun in Tokyo at Night: Skyscrapers, Festivals, Illumination and more!

You’ve made it halfway around the world to Tokyo, the last thing you’re going to do is sleep the night away right? Good, because there are plenty of great things to do and see in Tokyo after the sun goes down. As long as you go to Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Ginza you’ll definitely be able to find bars and clubs (all different atmospheres depending on the location you decide to venture out to) so I’ll tell you some of the other things you can enjoy in Tokyo under the starry sky. Night View from Tokyo Skyscrapers A great way to see the beautiful city of Japan all lit up

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Cool Japanese Stationery for Back-to-School and Souvenirs

Japanese stationery is famous worldwide for a large variety and impressive innovative items. They keep reinventing stationery goods in order to make life a little easier and interesting. So when coming to Japan, please check them out! Japanese stationery are special due to their great quality, functionality, cuteness and uniqueness. Most of the stationery goods can be found at Ito-ya, Tokyu Hands, and Oriental Bazaar. Some cool back-to-school stationery: 1.Erasable Pen This pen is very useful, it uses a special ink that gets erased using the frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. It erases so well the paper looks like you have painted it white. Another special

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Is this- wait, can it be? Latte art in Tokyo? My eyes are deceiving me. I stare down at the latte art foliage built from the scientific composition of milk steamed to the perfect temperature married to velvet foam that is frothy and simple enough to manipulate with two shots of espresso that were pulled at just the right time from the machine that is at the prime of its life. You can tell that it’s worn in enough that it’s comfortable with the surrounding environment, but not so much so that it’s getting tired enough to need repair soon, so the shots pour naturally perfect. This, mixed with a

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Neighborhood Guide: Let’s Head Out West To Tachikawa!

When people usually think of Tokyo they think of places like Shinjuku, Ginza, Roppongi, and Shibuya. These are all very crowded areas that depicts Tokyo city life: busy, lots of people, lights, and a non-stop continuous cycle. They are also all on the East side of Tokyo. So if you are looking for a little bit of a different scenery, why not try West Tokyo. One of the biggest cities in West Tokyo is Tachikawa. Because the JR Chuo line, JR Nambu line, and Tama Monorail all run through Tachikawa, there is a big train station as well as the busy bodies that come with it. What to do: Shopping,

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Koyo in Japan: Changing Colors of Autumn Foliage

The summer is over and we can finally get away from Japan’s humidity! In the fall, there are a lot of places to see the “Koyo” in Japan. “Koyo” means the changing of the autumn colors. It is one of the most beautiful things to enjoy in this season. You might think that looking at leaves/trees all day sounds boring BUT, its beautiful and romantic! Picture yourself under the Koyo asking someone who you REALLY like out under  these beautiful trees. Its a memory you and that person will never forget. Looking at the Koyo is a big cultural tradition in Japan. Koyo has a historical background, from the Edo

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The New Symbol of Entertainment in Shibuya – Shop, Dine, & Play at Hikarie

New kid on the block Shibuya Hikarie is a relatively new shopping complex completed in April 2012. The building has 34 floors including a theatre at the top, the Tokyu Theatre Orb, as well as several galleries and restaurants. The building itself is connected to Shibuya station underground as well as by a walkway on the second floor and is just a five minute walk from the famous Shibuya scramble. Access to Hikarie is easy from many different subway and train lines. Seen as a new symbol of Entertainment in Shibuya, and providing attractions that reach for a broader audience than the usual youth of Shibuya, Hikarie expands the vision

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How To Have a Karaoke Night in Tokyo!

Ready to sing? In Japan, Karaoke is one of the most common entertainment activities. When visiting Japan you will see several Karaoke stores and wonder how the system works, which one to choose and the difference between them. You might imagine Karaoke as bars where people sing in front of everybody. Wrong perspective; in Japan this is in the past. Nowadays, Karaokes offer separate rooms where you have fun with your friends in privacy. Let’s understand how the system works. How It Works Arriving at a Karaoke, you will find a counter. The staff will ask for the quantity of people and time you intend to stay. The average time

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Viewing Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Trees in Tokyo

When you think of autumn, what do you think of? I think of boots, scarves, cool breeze, and of course the beautiful foliage. In Japan the Japanese Maple and the ginkgo trees turning shades of yellows and reds are a sight not to be missed. There’s something magical and absolutely stunning about these trees. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of the trees and shape of the leaves but it’s a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. One of the best spots to enjoy the ginkgo trees changing colors and shedding their leaves is at Meiji Jingu Gaien (明治神宮外苑). Meiji Jingu Gaien means the Meiji era Shinto outer gardens and

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Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo 2015

Hosted by Vogue Japan, the global fashion phenomenon, “Fashion’s Night Out” will kick off this weekend in Tokyo. The opening events will begin on Saturday, September 12th at 4pm, held at the flagship Opening Ceremony store in Omotesando Hills. There will be a special live performance by the stylish drummer Kavka Shishido. Get the scoop from the editors of Vogue Japan and see the fashion route that they recommend. Red Valentino Aoyama will have a one-of-a-kind Fashion’s Night Out logo tee and a romantic layered skirt for purchase. Also in Omotesando, the Longchamp store will debut a quirky, colorful tote bag for cat lovers. A cute twist on their iconic handbag,

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