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How to Eat Yakitori Like a Japanese

When it comes to the snacks in Japan, yakitori is definitely worth a try. The literal translations is ‘grilled chicken’ and it refers to the bite-sized pieces of chicken meat and giblets, strung on the bamboo skewers and grilled over the charcoal. The restaurants serving up delicious sticks of grilled food can be found everywhere in Japan. However, many people like to enjoy yakitori on the go purchasing it from street vendors scattered outside the train stations. Where to Try Yakitori? Having troubles finding the place that serves yakitori? Just watch out for the clouds of aromatic smoke waffling out the grill stands. The smells are so enticing that it is

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One stop shop for fun: Ikebukuro Sunshine City

You’ve made it to Tokyo and you have an endless list of things you want to do. It’s never ending and that’s the beauty of it, there’s just so much to do just in Tokyo, you can never quite complete all of it even if you stay here for months! We all also know that sometimes things never go quite as you had planned. Sometimes the train system has something go tragically wrong and you can’t make it to your destination. Other times the weather just won’t cooperate and if your activity is outdoors there’s no way you want to get drenched. So for the day that the weather doesn’t

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Roppongi Tokyo Mori Art Museum

Just a five minute walk from the Roppongi Metro station lies the consumer heaven of Roppongi Hills. Here there are plenty of luxurious shops, a cinema, a variety of cuisine from around the world, as well as seasonal events such as film festivals and Christmas markets. One major cultural feature of the complex is the Mori Art Museum. On the 52nd floor of the famous 54 floor Mori Tower lies of of Tokyo’s more recent but influential contemporary art museums. Featuring mostly Asian artists, and themed galleries, the Mori Art Museum provides any art lover with an open area to appreciate well developed and thoughtful exhibitions. The Museum has featured

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Neighbourhood Guide: Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa(下北沢)also known as “Shimokita” is best known for the entertainment district located in Setagaya Tokyo. Its very popular for fashion, bars, cafe, restaurants, some theatres, and also people can be able to enjoy live music entertainment. Its kind of like “Harajuku” and “Koenji” because a lot of young people go to shimokita to hang out. Its a interesting and quit neighbourhood to just hang out with friends/family! Shimokita’s Background  Shimokita is very popular among young people. People call it “The youth’s city.” Its in the top 5 placese the young people want to live in because its cool and fashionable. Shimokita became popular to young people around the 70s when

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Lucky Ebisu: Getting into the Groove in the Land of Fortune

Ebisu. Historically known as the God of fishmermen and luck. Currently known as inspiration for Yebisu beer, breeder by Sapporo, and also has a link to the clothing line Ebisu. Quite a far cry from the origins. Enticing, exciting, and full of culture pulling from the past that has transformed into the making of the future. One beautiful thing about Asia is that you can see the transformation of everything in the making. The past is turned into ideas for the future and you can see it now in the present during that journey. Isn’t that the point of life? To be a witness is a pleasure and an experience

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Sea Creatures and Land Animals – Best Aquariums and Zoos in Japan

If you are traveling with children or just an animal lover, making a trip to an aquarium or zoo in Japan is a must! Not only is it fun getting to see new species of sea creatures and land critters, all the aquariums and zoos are bound to have exhibits that are different than the you’ve been to in the past. Here are my top aquariums and zoos in Japan: Churaumi Aquarium – Okinawa Honto This aquarium is considered one of the best in all of Japan. They still hold the record for housing shark whales for the longest amount of time, and holds one of the largest tanks around

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Take your love for instant noodles to a new level

Everybody loves ramen. Classic ramen restaurants populate the country’s biggest cities, and people love the instant stuff so much they have turned it into a hamburger bun, a lobster roll and even a burrito. We just cannot get enough of the salty and addictive noodles. The man who invented instant ramen, Momofuku Ando, seriously, he must have been a genius. He created the Nissin ramen products around 1958 when he noticed food was scarce after World War II. Today food in Japan is not scarce, but instant ramen is still largely consumed not only in Japan but over the world. Visitors get impressed when passing by convenience stores due to

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Turret Coffee, The Hidden Gem Amidst the Fish

Taking advantage of the long 5 day weekend, I decided to make my way to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Let’s be honest, my friends and I were enjoying sleep too much to want to pull an all nighter to go see the auction (we’ll definitely make it there eventually, just not now). We went later in the day after we did some other sight seeing so by the time we made it to the fish market, everything was basically closing down except for the outer fish market where there are plenty of sushi restaurants. We browsed around, ate some sample sashimi, bought some salmon for dinner, and decided that we

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Shhh! It’s a Shrine! 3 Temples to go to for your Eat, Pray, Love Moment

You’ve read the book. You’ve seen Julia Roberts’ gorgeous mug in the movie. We’ve all wanted it. That Eat, Pray, Love moment. It may not be at all the reality you expect it to be when you get there, but if you are going to go for it in Japan, you better believe you need to know what shrines to visit to find your spiritual balance. I personally prefer to go to the hidden ones around cemeteries. For some reason, they seem more peaceful to me. I like to see the mini “shrines” that represent gravestones for loved ones to visit when someone passes away. I like that people bring

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Catching the autumn leaves – where and when to go?

In Japan the viewing of autumn leaves has been a popular activity for centuries and today draws large numbers of travelers to famous koyo spots both in the mountains and in the cities. Since Japan has a large extension from north to south, autumn leaves can be enjoyed for a quite large period. And this season is coming soon, so if you are visiting Japan between October and November, you will be able to enjoy the colorful leaves around Kanto area! Depending on your travel schedule, you might be worried about missing the view but no worries! In this post, I will tell you where to go and when between

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