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How to Eat Yakitori Like a Japanese

When it comes to the snacks in Japan, yakitori is definitely worth a try. The literal translations is ‘grilled chicken’ and it refers to the bite-sized pieces of chicken meat and giblets, strung on the bamboo skewers and grilled over the charcoal. The restaurants serving up delicious sticks of grilled food can be found everywhere in Japan. However, many people like to enjoy yakitori on the go purchasing it from street vendors scattered outside the train stations. Where to Try Yakitori? Having troubles finding the place that serves yakitori? Just watch out for the clouds of aromatic smoke waffling out the grill stands. The smells are so enticing that it is

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Staying in Japan for a few months? Airbnb is the way to go

Whether you’re studying, working, interning, or just on an adventure, you may end up in a situation where you are in Japan for a few months. Unless you are coming to Japan with an organization, it’s going to be either extremely difficult or very expensive for you to find a place to stay. The cheapest dormitory style hostel you’ll be able to find in Tokyo is going to be about ¥2,000 ($16.56)/night and for an average hotel room expect to pay around ¥5,000 ($41.39) to ¥10,000 ($82.78). But let’s be honest, who wants to live in a tiny space for an extended amount of time without a kitchen and comfortable

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How to take the taxi in Japan: bonus Japanese crash course

If you’re cheap like I am, you’ll probably avoid riding taxis as much as you can. Compared to most other Asian countries, Japan is the most expensive. When I studied abroad in China we would take cabs to a lot of places and even after riding over an hour we only ended up paying $7. In Japan most taxis have a base rate of around ¥700 ($5.85) and because there is convenient public transportation I hardly end up using a taxi. But there are definitely times when a taxi is necessary. For example, if you go outside the city where public transportation no longer runs, or if you stay out

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How To Have Fun in Tokyo at Night: Skyscrapers, Festivals, Illumination and more!

You’ve made it halfway around the world to Tokyo, the last thing you’re going to do is sleep the night away right? Good, because there are plenty of great things to do and see in Tokyo after the sun goes down. As long as you go to Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Ginza you’ll definitely be able to find bars and clubs (all different atmospheres depending on the location you decide to venture out to) so I’ll tell you some of the other things you can enjoy in Tokyo under the starry sky. Night View from Tokyo Skyscrapers A great way to see the beautiful city of Japan all lit up

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Avoiding Emergency Health Disasters

Japan is known for it’s safety and while the risk of being attacked by a wild animal or being infected with a life threatening disease is highly unlikely, you do not want to be caught unprepared like my friend was when a medical situation occurs. Let’s call her Samantha. Like most first time visitors of Japan, Samantha had excitedly prepared a list of to-dos to accomplish in her one week stay in Japan. Ranging from easily achievable like visiting the Shibuya Crossing, to the grueling 3 hour hike through the famous thousand tori gates in Kyoto, she thought she was ready for adventure. She had planned where she wanted to eat,

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S.O.S. – Keeping it Cool in a Japanese Restaurant

The sense that Tokyo makes no sense keeps coming on stronger and stronger. When you’re new in town, its wonders will occasionally freeze your heart. And if you are not of Japanese nationality, when in Tokyo, you are officially a freak, a glamour. Girls and boys. Whilst foreigners have an essential presence in the capital of Japan, you’re in the shrieking heart of a cultural machine which idolizes select non-Japanese culture, and simultaneously derides it for its difference. As a result, 2015 Tokyo is beset with ripples of awkwardness as Tokyoites and foreigners meet with the Japanese party line, and each other. Many Tokyo natives, however much they may love

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All about High-Tech Japanese Washlet Toilets!

For every traveler to Japan, the one single item that is part of the amazed discovery of its culture lies in the high-tech toilets. Actually, the first time in contact with it people are likely to be very surprised and think it is very funny. Of course people will, since it is about pooping and even though it is completely normal, natural and biologically necessary people do not like talking about it. However, when you start using it, you realize it is a life-saving invention. Why? Because Washlet toilet provides a very comfortable means of enhancing personal hygiene after using the toilet. Cleansing with warm water after using the toilet

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Falling For Japan – What to Bring on Your Fall Adventure to Japan

It’s the trip you have been waiting a lifetime for- Japan in the fall. The gold leaves in Kourankei (Toyota, Aichi) from the top of the bridge will pierce your memory with their beauty and the decadent red carpet of foliage in Enrian (Kyoto) is awaiting your arrival. Shibuya crossing is calling your name and the Pokemon store has a stuffed Charizard doll with your name on it. Your plane ticket has been bought, hotel booked, and you’re ready to go! Except for one thing- what do I pack?!? Don’t overpack Japan can be a tricky beast in the fall because you never know what to expect when it comes

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How To Have a Karaoke Night in Tokyo!

Ready to sing? In Japan, Karaoke is one of the most common entertainment activities. When visiting Japan you will see several Karaoke stores and wonder how the system works, which one to choose and the difference between them. You might imagine Karaoke as bars where people sing in front of everybody. Wrong perspective; in Japan this is in the past. Nowadays, Karaokes offer separate rooms where you have fun with your friends in privacy. Let’s understand how the system works. How It Works Arriving at a Karaoke, you will find a counter. The staff will ask for the quantity of people and time you intend to stay. The average time

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Viewing Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Trees in Tokyo

When you think of autumn, what do you think of? I think of boots, scarves, cool breeze, and of course the beautiful foliage. In Japan the Japanese Maple and the ginkgo trees turning shades of yellows and reds are a sight not to be missed. There’s something magical and absolutely stunning about these trees. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of the trees and shape of the leaves but it’s a sight that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. One of the best spots to enjoy the ginkgo trees changing colors and shedding their leaves is at Meiji Jingu Gaien (明治神宮外苑). Meiji Jingu Gaien means the Meiji era Shinto outer gardens and

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