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A Day Around Town in Shibuya and Harajuku

Unsure of how to enjoy all the action of the bustling districts of Shibuya and Harajuku within a day? While the neighboring areas are certainly packed with a ton of shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities and more, this itinerary aims for the perfect balance of crazy and calm—if you find yourself wanting for a day of hitting the tourist’s must-see spots allotted along with relaxing strolls in the park or a taking a break with a delicious cup of coffee, look no further! Read on for a complete one day itinerary for a relaxing day of experiencing the cultures of Shibuya and Harajuku.

Not Just for Anime Lovers: Here’s What Japan has to Offer

Whenever someone thinks about Japan, there are always certain ideas, thoughts, stereotypes, and images that can’t help but come to mind. A big one for me personally was Anime. After all, its history dates back almost 100 years and it is a distinct characteristic of Japanese culture. If you are looking to explore, learn about, or even dress up as an Anime character, Japan is absolutely where you need to be. But Japan isn’t just for Anime lovers! There is much more to this country than what might typically come to mind. For the Foodies Japan is stacked with some of the world’s most amazing restaurants and eateries. As of

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5 Vegetarian-Friendly Eats in Tokyo That are Totally Delicious

Traveling with a special preference for foods can be difficult; sure, one of the greatest joys of traveling to a new destination is to discover new culinary dishes, but even with the abundance of dining choices available in Tokyo it can be a hassle to seek out vegetarian or vegan eateries in the city. Well, veggie-eaters rejoice—read on for a list of 5 restaurants around central Tokyo with delectable vegetarian/vegan-friendly menus!

Become a Master of the Kaiten-zushi: Your Guide to the Conveyer Belt Sushi Restaurants

Ah, sushi—the treasured culinary dish that both the Japanese and foreigners cannot stop obsessing over. Even if you have never visited Japan before, it is quite likely that you have tried sushi at wherever home is. However, the sushi culture in its home country is vast and cannot be defined simply; from the aisles of your local supermarket to the most revered sushi restaurant in Tokyo, factors such as the pricing or the expected customer manners can depend greatly on where you are eating your sushi. This article focuses on kaiten-zushi, a particular branch of sushi restaurants in Japan that you may not be able to see the likes of

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The Definitive List of Conbini Snacks That Will Satisfy Any Cravings

Convenience stores, or conbinis as the Japanese call it in short, have become a vital part of city life in the country. While most stores now will offer anything from food, toiletries, to stationary, it is also worth knowing that conbinis carry their own brand of delicious light snacks and meals that is available at anytime of the day or the night. Be it an afternoon coffee break or a midnight craving, when hunger strikes, head to your local conbini and seek out any of the following eats.

The A to Z Café: Where Funkiness Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Yoshitomo Nara studied art in Aichi and Dusseldorf, loves punk rock and was an exceptionally imaginative boy. He’s known as the father of the Japanese Neo Pop movement, having had exhibitions everywhere from New York to Berlin. We’re talking minimalist portraits of wide-eyed girls, standing around and sometimes holding magic wands, cigarettes, small knives, etc. A lot of people are unnerved by their strong sense of mischief, but there’s something undeniably relatable about Nara’s kids, whose dreamlike silence leaves you wanting more. So surely it’d be cool if you could enter into their world? It is and you can. “I do painting because I can’t express myself well in words”

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