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Business Meets Home: Work Smarter at HIVE TOKYO

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to waste your precious time commuting to and from your office? Have you ever dreamt of a space that is a smart and calming office by day, and a comfortable and modern home by night?


HIVE TOKYO is a newly renovated business-apartment complex located in the heart of Tokyo. It is a contemporary and stylish fusion of an inspiring workplace and an upscale residence.


HIVE TOKYO “The better way to work & stay”

Newly opened in Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, the luxurious office apartments are targeted towards international businesspeople, offering a wide variety of apartments and office types to suit any kind of lifestyle.

The project’s concept is to “reinvent the way people work and live” by effectively providing a no-fuss residential space where one can also immerse themselves in an inspiring atmosphere for work – completely eliminating the need for a commute between your work and your home. The neighboring area of Kudanminami is surrounded by nature-filled historic spots in central Tokyo such as the Nippon Budokan, Yasukuni Shrine, and the Imperial Palace.

Despite being located in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo, the abundance of greenery that can be seen from the large windows makes for a refreshing work environment.

 Three different office plans to suit your work style


Of the 10 floors that span across the HIVE TOKYO bulding, the second and the third floors contain the various offices designed to cater your every need for a successful and inspiring workspace.

SOHO, furnished with business essentials such as desks, Wi-Fi, chairs, and shelves, also offers a comfortable sofa bed for the optimum balance of work and rest.

The Service Office is an ideal space for startup companies, with a fully furnished office plan and plenty of space for interactions. The Premium Office is the largest office type to be offered out of the three, and the unfurnished office plan allows for its occupant to have complete creative control over the interior design; every one of these offices will have its personal flair!

Modern apartments for a truly luxurious home office experience


If you are looking for a more homey-office environment, HIVE TOKYO also offers an exclusive selection of monthly apartments furnished with features such as beds, desk sets, a shared kitchen, lounge area, and more. All of which are all lit by the gorgeous wide windows that take in the morning light and steals the show with its nighttime view of the Tokyo skyline.

With its sleek and modern design, the HIVE TOKYO apartments truly deliver a comfortable, yet work inspiring environment especially suited for business travellers.

Jump-start your productivity with HIVE TOKYO’s shared services and facilities


HIVE TOKYO sets itself apart from its competitors with the sheer amount and convenience of its quality shared services and areas.

Tenants have access to wireless internet connection in almost all areas of the complex and the accessible facilities include the lobby for casual meetings, a refreshing community terrace, a work lounge, shower booths, a mini kitchen, and laundry space. The meeting rooms are also available for an additional price.

However, the benefits don’t stop there; apart from the shared areas, tenants also have access to the concierge desk with staff fluent in both English and Japanese, offering a variety of helpful services such as guest reception and temporary baggage storage.

Interested in HIVE TOKYO? For more information, access the HIVE TOKYO website and find out how you can optimize your work and lifestyle functionality! Room viewings are also available.


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