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Lucky Ebisu: Getting into the Groove in the Land of Fortune

Ebisu. Historically known as the God of fishmermen and luck. Currently known as inspiration for Yebisu beer, breeder by Sapporo, and also has a link to the clothing line Ebisu. Quite a far cry from the origins. Enticing, exciting, and full of culture pulling from the past that has transformed into the making of the future. One beautiful thing about Asia is that you can see the transformation of everything in the making. The past is turned into ideas for the future and you can see it now in the present during that journey. Isn’t that the point of life? To be a witness is a pleasure and an experience

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Shhh! It’s a Shrine! 3 Temples to go to for your Eat, Pray, Love Moment

You’ve read the book. You’ve seen Julia Roberts’ gorgeous mug in the movie. We’ve all wanted it. That Eat, Pray, Love moment. It may not be at all the reality you expect it to be when you get there, but if you are going to go for it in Japan, you better believe you need to know what shrines to visit to find your spiritual balance. I personally prefer to go to the hidden ones around cemeteries. For some reason, they seem more peaceful to me. I like to see the mini “shrines” that represent gravestones for loved ones to visit when someone passes away. I like that people bring

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Is this- wait, can it be? Latte art in Tokyo? My eyes are deceiving me. I stare down at the latte art foliage built from the scientific composition of milk steamed to the perfect temperature married to velvet foam that is frothy and simple enough to manipulate with two shots of espresso that were pulled at just the right time from the machine that is at the prime of its life. You can tell that it’s worn in enough that it’s comfortable with the surrounding environment, but not so much so that it’s getting tired enough to need repair soon, so the shots pour naturally perfect. This, mixed with a

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Falling For Japan – What to Bring on Your Fall Adventure to Japan

It’s the trip you have been waiting a lifetime for- Japan in the fall. The gold leaves in Kourankei (Toyota, Aichi) from the top of the bridge will pierce your memory with their beauty and the decadent red carpet of foliage in Enrian (Kyoto) is awaiting your arrival. Shibuya crossing is calling your name and the Pokemon store has a stuffed Charizard doll with your name on it. Your plane ticket has been bought, hotel booked, and you’re ready to go! Except for one thing- what do I pack?!? Don’t overpack Japan can be a tricky beast in the fall because you never know what to expect when it comes

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