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All about High-Tech Japanese Washlet Toilets!

For every traveler to Japan, the one single item that is part of the amazed discovery of its culture lies in the high-tech toilets. Actually, the first time in contact with it people are likely to be very surprised and think it is very funny. Of course people will, since it is about pooping and even though it is completely normal, natural and biologically necessary people do not like talking about it.

However, when you start using it, you realize it is a life-saving invention.
Why? Because Washlet toilet provides a very comfortable means of enhancing personal hygiene after using the toilet. Cleansing with warm water after using the toilet provides an especially clean feeling. These Washlets has a special wand jet system that is fully adjustable, allowing users to set the precise temperature, position and spray type for comfortable intimate cleansing.


601ea0ebThe main function of the bidet toilet seat is washing. So the purpose is just washing, but you will see many buttons. That is because there are features other than bidet such as seat heating, blow dryer, deodorizer and many more. Therefore, there are buttons corresponding to many features available. Even for washing alone, there are features such as water pressure adjustment, nozzle position control and massage options. Knowing this, it is important to understand the features a high-tech Washlet usually has!

Otohime (Translation – Princess Sound):
It is a function in the Washlet that plays a melody while you use the toilet. It sounds strange, but listens to the story. For decades, modest Japanese would apparently repeatedly flush the toilet in public restrooms to mask any trumpeting. Why? Because the sounds associated with going “number two” made them feel embarrassed. The net effect was wasted water. Trying to solve this, Toto invented the Otohime. Using this display makes a comforting, camouflaging noise play without an actual water flush, so you can sit in peace.

Seat Heating:
This function makes the seat warm, which is the best part in going to the toilet during winter.


It is the water jets. The typical washlet includes controls for water temperature and pressure, but it can also be further adjusted for both oscillating and pulsing water streams.
– Oshiri
This is the basic option for Washlet toilets. Clicking this button, you will be washed from behind. Notice that there is a pressure button somewhere that controls the intensity of the water spray.
– Bidet
It is the girl’s option, where the water spray goes a little bit forward. Not that I want to be sexist, guys can try but is good to be aware it was designed to girls. The intensity of the jet can be controlled as well.
– Yawaraka
This is a gentler wash for your behind. This function can be found eventually. The symbol is similar to the Oshiri, but the spray symbol seems to come with more water. It is way gentler than the Oshiri function and the pressure can be regulated as the other two.
– Dry
It is a warm wind to dry your butt (not really effective). This button is found sometimes, usually represented by waves.

This function exists in some Washlets, which you can use after doing “number two” since the smell is not so appreciable.

After doing your business you might wonder where the flush bottom is. This is particularly hard since it changes constantly. To get worse, several times there are two symbols for flushing, 大(full flush) or小(small flush). How to flush then? Firstly look for a normal flush button; if you do not find, secondly look for a sensor with a hand symbol; if you still not find thirdly find the flushing symbols (大or小) on the top of the panel control. These are the most common ways to flush here in Japan. Several times you do not have to panic in finding the flush button because it flushes automatically!
Hope you enjoy better your natural necessity to go to the restroom in Japan now that you know everything about the high-tech washlet toilets.

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