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Don’t be Silly, Airbnb Isn’t Only for Backpackers!

As a backpacker, when I look for places to stay at night, I usually just look for the cheapest option that doesn’t look absolutely awful. Because I’m usually traveling for a few months, I need to make sure I can stretch every dollar I have. The easiest way to stretch each dollar is saving on accommodation. When I’m traveling on a business trip this is a whole different situation. Although I want to save every penny I have, sleep and comfort is a lot more important during a business trip. I always choose to use Airbnb instead of a hotel for a number of reasons.

Save money!

save money airbnbFirst and foremost, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks here and there? Airbnb definitely provides a wider variety of homes ranging from just a simple room to an entire castle. If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily choose a simple room and pay a fraction of what you would pay if you stayed in a hotel.

For the same price, you can find a unique place to stay in almost any part of the city!

One-of-a-kind accommodations

Hotels offer you the basics: bed, toilet, and shower. Aribnb has some personality. In Isla Mujeres, Mexico you can live in a beautiful and elegant seashell house, in Cupar, United Kingdom you can stay the night in Daisie Castle, and in Paris, France you can stargaze in a houseboat while enjoying the magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.

Some of these accommodations are literally one-of-a-kind. So why not enjoy your stay while you’re away from home on business?

Live like a local

not a tourist attractionOne of the most difficult and annoying things when on a business trip is figuring out the new city that you’re in.

You may spend hours before your trip looking up the best restaurants, printing out maps, and uploading language apps. You’re on a business trip and you have better things to worry about then where to go for dinner! Airbnb hosts are locals who live in the city so they know all the ins and outs! They can help you pick out the most authentic restaurants as well as tell you what mode of transportation is the easiest to get around in.

Not only that, the host is a friend in an unknown place. After coming back from a long business meeting there’s someone you can chat with and unwind with if you want, but if you just need to come home and pass out in your bed you can also do that. Airbnb gives you the freedom that a hotel would give you, but it gives you the opportunity to really get to know the culture and the community of the city that you’re staying in.

Staying at a place with someone who is a local lets you live like a local!

You aren’t stuck in the middle of the city where the hotel is and where all the overpriced restaurants, gyms, cafes, and boutiques are. As a business traveler, this gives you more of an experience instead of making it just a complete business endeavor.

Stay healthy

When I’m home I usually fall into a routine: have my morning coffee, go to work, come home, workout, prepare dinner, relax, go to bed, repeat. This routine usually falls apart when I go abroad especially when I have people I have to meet up with and conferences to attend.

Regardless of the switch, I still want to make sure that I’m leading a healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the reasons I choose Airbnb over a hotel. Sure, you can go to a healthy restaurant, but that usually ends up being a lot more expensive and sometimes it’s really hard to find. Even if you do find a nice restaurant, they never have exactly the food you make at home, especially if you’re completely around the world. Most Airbnb homes have kitchens and the hosts are more than happy to let you utilize it. This gives you the freedom to cook whatever you want to as well as save a few more dollars!

Wi-Fi is not shared!


Some other important factors while doing work away from home is Wi-Fi and a comfortable work setting.

Airbnb rentals usually provide you with the space and tools you need for business. Sometimes hotels only have a router up by the lobby, which makes the Wi-Fi signal very weak in certain rooms. Even if they do have other routers, depending on how many other guests are using Wi-Fi, the Internet may be very slow. Other hotels only have Wi-Fi in a “work area.” Most Airbnb homes have their own Wi-Fi router, which allows you to get work done quickly since you don’t have to leave the comfort of the home or share the Internet with anyone else!

Perfect for business team travel

In certain situations you are sent abroad with several other coworkers. If your company wants a nice place for all their employees to stay and work together Airbnb is a perfect fit. They could rent a whole house and have each employee stay in a bedroom each.

This gives the employees the privacy they would get in a hotel, and they would have the shared space, like the living room, to do group meetings. They could do all this without having to leave the comfort of the house! At first thought you may think that Airbnb is just for backpackers, but it has so many advantages for business travelers so make sure you give it a shot next time you’re out on business!

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